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OSCAR TRUST Ltd. A Brief History of OSCAR

During the mid-seventies a young man from London was admitted to hospital having suffered a Sickle Cell Crisis. Whilst there he met another man who had been admitted with a similar complaint. Conversations quickly followed which suggested that both of them were involved in Support Groups that were working towards an Awareness Campaign around Sickle Cell Disorder.

Having thought of working closer together during their stay in hospital the decision was taken to combine both support groups and call the new Organisation 'The Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research' "OSCAR"... Having been formed and bringing together a number of like-minded people, the inevitable occurred. A small Group broke away and formed The Sickle Cell Society.

During the Seventies and Eighties OSCAR continued to grow, establishing branches in Birmingham, Reading, Leicester, Nottingham, Bristol , Sandwell and Croydon.

The Organisation continued to function in Support of its Members and Supporters until the late eighties, when problems once again appeared. At this point it was agreed to relocate OSCAR Head Office to Lambeth, where in 1982 we established a thriving branch. In order for us to continue supporting our members and continue with our community work we ask for your help. Your greatest gift would be to make someone smile today. Please make all donations to OSCAR Trust. We thank you for your interest in us.

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Registered as a Charitable Trust Registration No: 1054516
Registered Company No: 3080939

SickleCell_NormalCell Normal and Sickle blood cells. click here for Dr Neville Clare. An OSCAR for My Troubles

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