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OSCAR is confronted daily with the issues and needs of the community but we are limited by time and resources.  Our continued development is knowing the needs and assets of sicklers in the community and balancing these against the capacity to effect change and open opportunities for success.

OSCAR is still a small voluntary organisation Registered as a Charitable Trust whose Aims and Objectives are:

  • To improve public and professional awareness of Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • To advise and support people and their families.

OSCAR's   areas of interest include:

  • Community Education: We organise conferences to promote public awareness to members of the voluntary and statutory sectors.

  • Individual and Family Welfare: We advise people on their benefit entitlements and we are able to help selected cases on appeal.

  • Schooling: We have campaigned for special provision to help children and young people whose education is interrupted by periodical ill-health.

  • Employment: We have campaigned for special provision to improve the employment prospects of people with Sickle Cell in the areas of Education, Training and their conditions at work.

For our continued development and achievement of our objectives we are seeking your support through donations, promotions, legacies and volunteering.

Registered as a Charitable Trust Registration No: 1054516
Registered Company Number: 3080939
020 7735 4166